Hanging around with old friends

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Finally, during the Chinese New Year season, we were able to hang out. (Adrian, Eric and me)
I've waited so long to see Eric, old friend of mine since secondary school, cause he's studying abroad at New Zealand, (but I always thought that he's in Melbourne. Ooopppsss... haha) and I can only see him once in a year, that is during his winter break.
And another one, Adrian. He is stucked at a place that is full of cows also, despite of Eric, that is Terengganu. His schedule is exactly the same as school's calender, which is different from mine. That's why it's hard for us to meet up.

The day after the group visiting to our friends' house, we went to have breakfast at Jalan Song, Sweet Flavours. A cafe that sells snowflakes, ice-creams, waffles, drinks and so on. I ordered the double ice-cream waffle whereas the other two guys had the napoleon xxxx with cream... Everything was counted on Adrian. haha... Thanks, Adrian.

The second avenue we went was to City One. Walked around the mall like jobless people, window shopping for nearly 2 hours. Wow, that's amazing! It was also the first time I bought this chocolate flavour UFO balls to try it out, and it's really nice. Yeap, nice to eat while it's still hot and crispy. If you leave it cold, it won't be that nice anymore. Once tried, I'm totally in love with it already and craving for eating it again the next time. For your information, the chocolate sticks they used are imported, and so as the tea leaves (from Japan) and coffee (from Australia). Worth to try out either the UFO balls and also their drinks. You'll definitely like it. C:

Next, sending Adrian's brother from school for tuition and pick up Adrian's mum after worked. We went to his mum's workplace earlier than we thought and we waited for 30 mins ++. I stood on my feet with a pair of heels on it   (although it is not so high, but it still hurts.. >.<), and congratulations to me, my feet were very painful.

We were then went to The Spring to have a break, eating slices of cakes at Secret Recipe. This time, Eric treated me. LOL. So kind of him that day. haha... Thanks, Eric. I ordered oreo cheese cake (I intended to order high fiber cheese cake actually, but they don't have. Haiz... A bit disappointed. )

Then I went to buy this pair of flats. I've been marking on this flats since it WAS in the NEW ARRIVAL state for quite some time. Now, I managed to haunt it down. Whoo hoo~~ haha.
As for the dinner, we went to Vegge Hut, a vegetarian shop somewhere around 3rd mile. I had a plate of seaweed fried rice, and guess what... This time, it was Adrian's mum who settled the bill for all of us.
Whoa... What a lucky day I had! Thanks, aunty!


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  1. I am starting to miss u already Fong Ling. Hopefully nex time when we meet, we can do more crazy things together. This time go sing k liao.

  2. LOL... Thought that time can sing with you... I've waited so long eh.. >.<