Putting it down

1:27 PM fOnG LiNg 2 Comments

There's a Lock, kept inside my heart months ago.
The Key for that Lock is at a place, far far away from the Lock.
Now, it seems like the Lock is too heavy to keep inside and I have no choice but to throw it away, deep down into the ocean.


Once, it was so near. Beside me, in front of me, behind me, downstairs, upstairs, 1 meter within my sight, around me.... Then, it is distance away. 1000++km perhaps?

No words, no connection.
And I think that's it, giving freedom to my mind.
Thanks for giving me a good impression of you, still fresh in my mind, and I won't erase it.

Waiting blindly without an answer.
Maybe silence is the answer you are replying me.
Well, I'll accept all your reaction.
Till the memories are fading away, I'm giving chances to other people.

Wait till next time, we'll see each other again.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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