A special escape in Malacca

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It was a late post cause this incident happened one month ago, if I'm not mistaken.
That was a Friday, when my roommate, Chui Wei and I planned to walk and shop in Malacca town just for one reason: She has not shop and buying things for quite some time. Besides, we also realized that we didn't manage to go out just for having a simple meal, enjoying the food, drinks, chit-chatting together without any worries in mind. And so, here is it, an escape through this semester (although I don't have much classes and not much pressure this semester).
As usual, the body guard of the day --> John Liew. hahahaha :D
He's our friend, same university, same batch of Diploma session, same course with Chui Wei (computer science). Okay, let me mention something that I've been repeating everytime I see them, the IT stuff that I will never ever manage to get into. I salute them (including all of the people who knows IT stuff and also its software) sincerely from my heart of being an IT engineering and know the programming things. This is because I've been learning C++ programming and get along with the ALIEN coding for one semester, and I realized that it's totally not my part of world. hahahaha... I surrender to this IT field. If someone asking me to learn this IT stuff, I'll say to them: "Thanks for inviting, but I'm not into in." hahahaah... It's just not my field. :P
Okay, back the the escape thingy, we went to have our late lunch at Kaya-Kaya Cafe, somewhere at Jalan Besi... around Jonker area. At first we didn't manage to find it, and after walking for a few miles, we found it. There's a Chinese temple opposite it. The atmosphere of the cafe is very peaceful, calm and relaxed. Decorations used are mostly antique stuffs, wooden tables and chairs, and jazz-type-music?( I'm not so sure, but overall it gave me a serene and relaxing feelings.) The surrounding there is not that noisy as there's not many cars and people around.

[Chui Wei, John Liew, Me)

[Apple carrot juice, Earl Grey tea, Pineapple passion fruit juice]

Lunch of the day. Sorry to inform you guys that I had forgotten the name of the food we ordered. hehe... But all of it are very nice. Especially my pasta with beef bacon. And Chui Wei sad that the salmon was very fresh too. It did made our stomach full, and the portion of the food is just nice. 

John Liew showing off his skills of photo-shooting. Okay, I admit that you have skills in taking photos. hahahahaha....

He was playing with the spoon... By the way, he didn't use spoon to eat isn't he? Why is the spoon so clean? 

Photos of us again...  :D

Okay, we did enjoyed the lunch a lot.  muahahaha...

After we had out lunch, we passed by this  Mamee Museum and went inside to see around. During the time when I was doing my internship in Mamee company, the staffs inside have been talking about this Mamee museum and finally now I managed to see it. There's a cafe inside, while at the outer part is the Mamee products they are selling, cartoons and the miniature of the Mamee noodles making process.

Then, it's time for us to go shopping! Yeah. hahahahaha... I've never go for shopping with Chui Wei since year 2 in Diploma time. I bought two sleeveless t-shirts which cost me RM10 each when we went for the first shop---> Kitshen. When we went to Padini, I went off in the middle of the trip cause Ah yeng and his family members wanted me to have dinner with them. (I'm so sorry to leave Chui Wei and Wei Jie behind. OMG...) Still feel guilty though when I think back right now. Haizz...

I remembered that in the first year when I just reached West Malaysia, I was a shopping freak. I'll buy anything that I don't have. T-shirts, formal wear, shoes, bags, shower gel, shampoos, make-up stuffs, nail polishes... OMG... It's a lot, a lot man. Until now, up to this month, I've been buying masks as I've got a vigorous kiss mark from the sun, bought a pair of sport shoes for basketball competition... LOL. And I got quite a lot of presents from friends for my birthday presents. The details of celebration on this Christmas season will be blogged on the next post, so stay tuned ya!

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  1. Hey hey! Approximately how's the price yea for the spaghetti? :P Yeeee...u all say till so nice I feel like trying lor..xD

  2. One plate cost around RM13 - RM18 like that. It's very nice, can go and try it out. hahahaha