Pleasant day huh...?!

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I thought it will be a pleasant day today, a day where I can get my total freedom to be at home all by myself. I've planed the day before that I'll be waking up late in the morning with a few nice songs that I like while I'm lying on the bed before getting up. I thought I'll have a peaceful afternoon, listening to songs and humming along with the catchy tones, waiting the sunshine to bring the water out of the clothes that are freshly washed from the washing machine, while I'm doing some calculations that needs to press the calculator a lot.
Musics in the air, sunlight creeps in through window above, papers written with numerical numbers and pencils all around the table, a cup of warm chocolate drinks, and messy hair.....
Hermm... just like the way that it usually will be.

Who knows, I have forgotten that I have children class on Saturday where I need to go to Machap Umboo to conduct that class. And so, I went, after having one bread with hot chocolate. The clothed that I've washed were hanging outside the house. Until 1pm, I'm going back home, the rain started to fall. When I reached back, the clothes were wet a little, but the rain had stopped. I kept on hanging the clothes there, thinking of the sun will be coming out later and make the clothes dry. Then, I received a call from Ruhi, asking me out for shopping. So, I went out again after eating my home-cooked lunch. I've spent RM200+ buying two things, Pierre Cardin's luggage and sport bra. Wow, I'm such a spendthrift! Reached back home around 7pm, and guess what, it was raining heavily also. Thus, my clothes hanging outside are all wet for the second time. Ommggg.... This is so unlucky man. While I just finished mopping the floor, I saw the tail of the rat through the gap between the cupboard and the refrigerator. It's most probably a rat cause I can see the tail moving. I quickly ran out of the kitchen, closed the door, and asked for help. I went out again around 9.30pm to buy some snacks for tomorrow's Christmas carol at friends' house. Again, the whole night was gone just like that. Night time before sleeping had an "catching mouse activity" done by my friends. It's such a horrible and tiring day....
It's not what I think it is supposed to be like.
The day ended like an amazing race without realizing.
It was indeed not a pleasant day, yet.

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