Things to do before settling down

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I watched a video on Facebook about these 27 things to do before settling down.
Usually this kind of .... things to do bla bla bla .... is girls who will try to see and try it out, but actually, guys can do it too!

So, here is the video and the list of things to do before settling down.

1. Travel with your BFFs.
2. Learn to cook.
3. Be financially independent.
4. Face one of your biggest fear.
5. Live alone.
6. Accomplish a goal.
7. Find your drink of choice.
8. Make the first move.
9. Challenge yourself.
10. Take a road trip.
11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself.
12. Live somewhere else.
13. Learn to drive manual.
14. Find a new show and watch it all in a weekend.
15. Get fit.
16. Build something with your hand.
17. Stay up until the sunrise.
18. See your favourite artist live.
19. Make a list of books to read and then read them all.
20. Learn to fight.
21. Volunteer.
22. Try a new hobby.
23. Apply for your dream job.
24. Keep a journal.
25. Have a long conversation with a stranger.
26. Do something crazy and spontaneous.
27. Get to know yourself.

Okay, great. There's some I've done it, like travel with BFFs, learn to cook, live alone(it's lonely sometimes but somehow I enjoy it now cause I can do whatever I want like nobody's home :D), drink of choice (fruit juices, green tea, plain water), trying nice restaurant by yourself (I did that whenever I'm at the airport. Does that consider as one of it too?), learn to drive manual (Yeah, I did that with Limbeh's, my course mate's car), getting it all the time, am volunteering for my Bahai activities (teaching children classes, animating junior youth group), am keeping a journal about my crazy thoughts (hahaha), had a long conversation with stranger who sat beside me during my flights and I found it tiring sometimes. But there are some haven't done and am thinking of what activities should be done for that particular list. hahahaha... I'm going to write the things I wanna do here before I forget. Maybe you guys can refer some of the activities that you guys you like to do.

  • Be financially independent --> Except the scholarship that I'm getting, I think I have to work first. 
  • Face my biggest fear --> Jumping into the pool from higher place, touching snake.
  • Accomplish a goal --> Save up to RM4000 before going to Taiwan. 
  • Make the first move --> Taking to handsomes that I don't know. 
  • Challenge yourself --> Don't anything that is over the limit, fighting the greed feeling of me. 
  • Take a road trip --> (Dunno where to go yet)
  • Live somewhere else --> Am going to live at Singapore, Korea, Japan, Melbourne or Toronto. 
  • New show --> (Haven't find one yet)
  • Build something with your hand --> Handmade soap, cupboard, storage box
  • Stay up until the sunrise --> OMG... This is killing me! I think I can't do this. 
  • Seeing artist live --> MayDay, SodaGreen, 2PM, The Script, Maroon Five, Jayesslee... It'll be good if there's friends who would like to join me. :D
  • List of books to read --> I already have books with me but I haven't read them up.
  • Learn to fight --> (Fight what? Cockroaches?)
  • Try a new hobby --> (I really don't know what hobby to try out, any suggestions?)
  • Apply your dream job. --> Yeah, will find one someday. 
  • Do something crazy and spontaneous --> (I can't think of one at the moment)heheh
So, what's your list?
Start to write it down and give it a try.
Have a great time doing with it.
Cheers. :D

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