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Well, if you know me well, I'm a person who play sports a lot. Recently I've been going to gym for almost one year and one of the exercises that I couldn't have done without earphones is jogging/running on the treadmill. It would be a long session for me to do this exercises without listening to some nice songs. I was using Mi's earphone that costs around RM50 that time I bought. Bottom wire connecting the mp3 player is fabric type material while the upper part wire connecting to the earplugs is normal rubberised material. There's not much problem for the wire of fabric type material but not the rubberised type. If you're a earphones user, you'll probably face the same problem where the outer layer of wire will break and the inner copper wire is exposed. Well, this is my problem that I faced. Sometimes I can even feel minor electricity contacting my skin when I touch it.

So, I've decided to get a new earphones. Yay!
I went to Mahkota Parade, Malacca and bought this Sony's earphones. It was not sell at the Sony's phone outlet, which is at the Dataran Pahlawan. You can only get it at Sony's camera stores or store that sells accessories.

Aimed for the earphones for normal use where the price is around RM100+, below RM150. Then the worker there recommended me earphones for sports usage as the earplugs would not fall off the ears when you are exercising and it is waterproof. (I wonder why Sony likes to produce their products with waterproof function). The price is RM299 excluding 6% charge of GST. I'm a really tough user of earphones as normally I would throw the earphones inside my bag after i finished using, and pull it out whenever I need it. But after buying this new one, I think I need to take good care of it, storing it properly after finish using. 
So, the free gifts stuff that are included in the box are:

  • Long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds - SS x2, S x2, M x2, L x2 sizes
  • Arc supporters - SS x2, S x2, M x2, L x2 sizes
  • Carrying pouch

  • Clip
  • Cord adjuster

Reasons of buying it :
  • Wanna see if the earplugs really won't fall of.
  • Wanna test on the waterproof material whether it is long lasting or not (whether it breaks after some time)
  • Test whether it can be tougher than the other earphones as the price is quite expensive.
  • Test on the sound quality of earphones.
This is how the box looks like.

I choose blue colour cause it looks special. :D 

Well, another speciality of this earphones is that it has the arc supporters. Arc supporters are placed at the concha, designed to hold the earplugs in place so that it won't drop when you are having drastic or vigorous movements while exercising. 

In case you don't know where to place the arc supporter, it's at the outer ear called concha as shown in picture above.

After trying it out for the first month:
  • The sound quality of the earphone is quite stable, but will need to turn on to higher volume while I'm at the gym cause the music they play is quite loud.
  • I do not need to adjust the earphones at all once it's placed on my ears cause it won't drop off, and won't switch place. Looking at how they design this earphones with ergonomic aspect, I love it a lot!
  • The material of the cord of wire is different from the normal type as it is waterproof and sweat-proof. I didn't try it in the pool yet, cause I think I won't bring it for swimming. :P
  • The magnetic pouch is so dainty and easy to use as it is with magnetic openings. [I've lost it at the gym, dropped it somewhere and I can't find it back. So sad!]
Well, overall I am giving 4.5 stars out of 5.
Half star lost for the sound system as I would like it more with bass when listening to music. 
Would definitely recommend for those athletes or people who is exercising with earphones. 
Most of your problems can be solved. Trust me. 

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