Merry Christmas and blessed birthday ❤︎ Part 1

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One fun fact I think it's true is that when you get older, you'll start to look back and miss all the memories that you had. Yeah, that's what I did every end of the year. Christmas time is always a great time to chill and catch up with friends, and I'll get wishes for my birthday. It's a sign of getting one year older. Haha... Well, I still won't admit it cause I'm still young and free. I had a blast this year, for both of the celebrations. Gonna note it down here so that I can look back for future years to come.

I met my fancy and lovely friends at Selangor for a birthday surprise. I was actually cheated and had no idea what was the program on that day, the flow and everything. Am not the person to go to a place without planning. And, with this bunch of friends, it turned out incredibly great. We were just awesome at doing all these surprises. hahaha... But the most important thing I think is making effort to keep up the bonding of our friendship since we are now far apart.

Morning Xyndy and I went to a cafe, Le Pont Boulangerie. An awesome place with superb interior design by a Japanese designer. The food was nice, the environment is good and it's so pretty to take photos. Bought the buns and ordered their breakfast and drinks. The food was not bad, but the matcha milk tea is awesome. I wish I can have it every morning to wake me up. I'm addicted to matcha already. Damn!

This is the matcha drink I'm so in love about. :D 
(Love my grey colour nails!)

The decorations for Christmas Day is just so pretty!

Their dining table, isn't it awesome? 
I asked the waiter where can I get tissue and spoon, he told me it inside the table. LOL

Xyndy told me this is their signature bridge inside the cafe.

We went to MidValley to meet up with Chui Wei. The Christmas decorations there were pretty too! I think the theme is flowers inside the glass house. It'll cost quite expensive though. Went to the Kuroshio Market where there's something like food streets selling a lot of food. Walked around, took photos and our next stop was The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf at Bangsar Village. We had our dinner there and gift exchange session. Walking out the building, there's a lot of light bulbs tangling around the branches of the trees. It's so romantic there. Suitable for couples to hang around, get some kissess and propose, maybe. hahaha... We continued our second round of eating desserts at Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar for my birthday celebration. Well, every year is an unforgettable birthday celebration for me cause they are just too special. I know I'm blessed with a bunch of good friends who'll spend their precious time celebrating it with me. ❤︎

Flowers in the glass house, so gorgeous!

Dinner at Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

My gift exhange present! Love them all.

With my lovely girls and John was not it cause he helped us to take photos. haha

The tress are so pretty! I would like to see them every night.

Alexis's signature cakes. 

Well... I just notice that I'll probably get the wishlist items after I posted them in Instagram. hahaha... The dreams did come true. Thanks peeps! I got the huge doll, the mousse mask, candles and perfumes with great scents for my birthday presents. Gorwing up elegantly without missing the naiveté in my heart. I'll have them with me throughout the year until next Christmas comes. 

I have blessed days everyday. However, my days become meaningful with great people, sharings and meaningful activities. Hope the friends surround me would stay great and healthy always. Love you guys! 

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