Merry Christmas and blessed birthday ❤︎ Part 2

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Well, I'm just too lucky to have friends that will remember my birthday and celebrate the day for me. One top reason is it's the Christmas Day where it's a holiday. Rephrasing my sentence again, I should thank my mum for bringing me to this world on this special occasion. Birthday and festive celebration continued on Christmas Eve with my friends met since diploma time. They are the crazy and silly diploma gang that do stupid stuff but fun at the same time. They're funny, sometimes, and they are like beasts who are obsessed with food, exercise and of course, pretty ladies.
We had lunch at a place near The Shore, River Quay Dining & Lounge. Lunch hour starts from 12-3pm, the dining place has 50% offer so we went there to try their food out. I ordered this Chicken Burger, and it's quite nice. Other friends ordered the spaghetti, 1/4 chicken, sandwiches... The spaghetti is not worth trying if you wanna fill your stomach full cause the portion is too small. The cakes and desserts are just so-so and can it out if want. They have the cakes half price as well. 
There's a place to play darts, so after eating we just hanged around the darts area playing with the game. It was my first time ever playing darts, thought by my friends and it was fun. I'm kinda like this game cause it's new to me and it needs skills to win the game. I think this game is suitable to play with friends and have some chit-chatting session. That's why they normally have it in lounge. LOL. 

Chicken burger

Cakes and pudding

Well, last time there's a few more diploma friends but they are not here with us anymore.

I got wishes from old friends back in my hometown. They still remember my birthday, how good it is huh. I purposely do not want to put in on Facebook to let others know cause 1, I don't wanna make myself busy replying all those wishes. 2, I don't like the red button notification appear on my phone and I need to keep on pressing the button in order to get rid of the red notifications. Yeah, I know that's one of the sickness I got. Thanks for all the celebrations and wishes, I'll never forget it. :D

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